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"An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching." | Mahatma Gandhi

Brazilian-born Eliana Moreira, as she likes to put it, was born dancing. The night of her birth, her mother had been out dancing in São Paulo to the rhythms of samba.

For 20+ years, Eliana guides a practice based on her studies and direct experiences in Yoga, Ayurveda,  Pilates, and Samba. She is passionate about movement, energetics, anatomy, breath, mantras, Ayurveda, nutrition and cooking — which greatly inform the teachings.

Eliana focuses on personalizing practices, even in class settings.  She sees students internationally with the full gamut of physical and psychological conditions. She teaches classes with a holistic focus, integrating the wisdom of various traditions. As a guide, Eliana fosters the student's deepening intimacy with themselves, and inspires skillful self-practice.

Eliana’s work is featured in the first medical textbook on yoga therapy, The Principles and Practice of Yoga in Health Care (Handspring Publishing, 2016).  

Subterrâneo is the Portuguese word that literally means under the earth, and used metaphorically to mean, beneath the surface.  Historically, the term underground, is meant to connect to a movement, usually one of resistance. And in the late sixties, the term underground reflected artistic expression or an alternative lifestyle.  In fact, Yoga, Ayurveda, and even Samba, originated from underground roots.

To Eliana, this word and how it feels, reflects what it takes, and the depth of spiritual work that is required as a sincere practitioner during an era in which we are oversaturated, overstimulated and inundated with conflicting information, too many choices, and superficiality about these ancient practices. 

Why Gentle Therapeutic Yoga?

Because it integrates all the ancient medicine of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation, with the most recent anatomical updates in order to make sure practice is always creating sustainable movement for any stage of life or any medical condition.

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